AI-driven PC native application
CodeRider Build a company-specific AI DevOps platform,
empowering software development with AI.
Boosting Chinese programmers to their full potential, foreseeing the future.
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Product Features
Enterprise AI DevOps
Issue handling Issue handling
MR handling MR handling
GitLab docs Q&A GitLab docs Q&A
Conversation Conversation
Code completion Code completion
Code explanation Code explanation
Code annotation Code annotation
Code modification Code modification
Code optimization Code optimization
Unit testing Unit testing
Product Highlights
Improve software development efficiency,
ensure business security
AI-assisted programming Generates high-quality code that better fits actual R&D scenarios, improve programmers' coding efficiency.
AI DevSecOps Provides you with an immersive intelligent DevOps process, enhancing team collaborative development efficiency.
On-premises deployment Supports private deployment on the enterprise server side.
Client-side deployment
Supports intelligent development on the user end, enabling offline use after login.
Enterprise code
documentation security
Prevents leaks of internal enterprise code and documentation.
Programming languages
Covers nearly a hundred programming languages
IDE Integration
Supports mainstream IDEs